Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Happy happy happy.........

are you searching for happiness in your life? You might not realize it, but you might have already achieved it.
Perhaps this is because some people don’t understand the true meaning of happiness and how to search it.
Happiness will be achieved differently for different people. A healthy woman can still be unhappy if she is trapped in a bad marriage. Some people were raised by parents whose parenting style did not encourage the development of healthy life, and they will need to devote significant energy to overcome this deficit. For some, the road to happiness is long. for others, it is short. I find this step on how to be happy.. checkout..
1.Develop the skills and habits associated with extroversion.
2.move your body. This will improve your attention and well-being.
3.Spend more time in flow. Drop impossible tasks in favor of tasks that are at the outer limits of your skillset.

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